5-star in Queenstown

If you have decided Queenstown is your next holiday destination, its a good idea to to take time to investigate the perfect accommodation.

When it comes to accommodation its nice to know there is a stamp of approval on goods and services to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. It is called Qualmark and is the measure of quality and service.

What is a Qualmark Rating?

Qualmark is defined as “New Zealand tourism’s official mark of quality and the world’s first integrated quality assurance system”. 

This licensing system is what gives assurance to travellers in New Zealand - whether tourists or locals - that you can buy and book with confidence because each and every establishment has been assessed for professionalism and trustworthiness. 

How do the accommodation providers get rated for a Qualmark rating?

An accommodation establishment gets rated after going through a rigorous inspection of their facilities, for cleanliness as well as staff professionalism.

This is done on an annual basis so that they get to improve on their weaknesses and further improve on their strengths in order to achieve the highest rating of 5 Qualmark stars.

Getting a 5-star rating means that the hotel or any type of accommodation belonging to this category gets an exceptional rating and considered to be among the best in New Zealand.  

What else should I consider when finding accommodation in Queenstown?

At Esplanade Queenstown, we have it all when it comes to self-contained luxury:

  • Luxury - when you are on vacation, what you want is to relax and enjoy your stay in pure comfort and style.
  • Space - enough to accommodate the entire family.
  • Distance to all conveniences including ski transport service, supermarket, banks, rental places, restaurants, bars and more.
  • Large spacious balcony - so that you can get a better view of Lake Wakatipu over a nightcap or cocktails with friends and loved ones.
  • Gas fires and under-floor heating - so you feel cozy on a cold winter night and can snuggle up in comfort.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen - to entertain guests and show-off your cooking skills.
  • Spa Bath/jacuzzi - for an ultimate relaxing experience.
  • Sound system - to complete a romantic evening.
  • Free wifi - for a quick check of the email, or to read reviews on where to dine in Queenstown.
  • Self-contained - for ultimate privacy.
  • Lake views and mountain views - what is a Queenstown experience without getting the breathtaking view of Lake Wakatipu and the magnificent mountain view? Because the lake is less than a minute's walk across the road you can actually swim during hot summer days. All apartments offer the same magnificent view.
  • Fully-equipped kitchen - you can even showcase your cooking skills to entertain guests and family members because a 5 star accommodations Queenstown has got to have a fully-equipped kitchen for those times that you just want to stay in and take a breather from your hectic schedule.

So what are you waiting for? Check out the 5 star accommodation at Esplanade Queenstown and take a look at the dates and rates for your holiday.

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